Limbunya Shetland Sheepdogs

Limbunya Dream Cowboy

Rowdy .

Sire. Ch Charmhill Callin The Shots 

Dam. Limbunya Dreams Live On 


W.20/12/2020 . 





' Rowdy' is an appropriate name for this little fellow .. very cocky outgoing boy at present . 

 He is a masculine linebred boy . He is  a rich red sable , at 7 months he is coating and  starting to to mature , I'm pleased with his  Almond eye , good head planes , plus overall balance , level topline with  reach of neck . 

Updated photos to come soon . 

Photos at 8 and 10 weeks  

Rowdy  is Cea Unaffected , tested at 8 weeks and Coloboma Free .

DNA results 
Genetically Clear CEA /CH
Genetically Clear MDR1 
Genetically Clear VW3 
Genetically Clear DM 

Pedigree for Limbunya Dream Cowboy
Sire : Ch Charmhill Callin The Shots . Gen Clear MDR1,DM,VW3. CEA Carrier S: Gr Ch Hartly How About Me. Gen Clear MDR1, DM,VW3. CEA Carrier S: Gr Ch Sup Ch Louanda What About Me. Gen Clear CEA
D: Lyndream Words That Impress
D: Charmhill Carlotta. . Gen Clear CEA , Carrier MDR1 S: Ch Charmhill By Chaser . Gen Clear CEA , MDR1 Carrier
D: Shelbronze Image Maker . CEA Carrier , Gen Clear MDR1 .
Dam : Limbunya Dreams Live on . Gen Clear MDR1, VW3, DM , CEA Carrier S: Ch Hartly How About That . Gen Clear CEA, MDR1,DM,VW3 S: Gr Ch Hartly How About Me. Gen Clear MDR1, DM,VW3. CEA Carrier
D: Ch Hartly Constant Comment
D: Limbunya La Fayette . Gen Clear MDR1. DM, VW3, CEA Carrier S: Ch Hillswick Jack of Hearts A I , CEA carrier
D: Charmhill Christabelle. Gen Clear .CEA,MRD1,DM,VW3

Contact Details

Kay Sullivan
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Phone : 03 97401524
Email : [email protected]